Project Ideas from BITlab year in review

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Poster Bombing — One of the projects from my Making for Social Good class involved encouraging students to design posters about social justice and creating a strong visual presence on campus. Over 20 posters were designed using Canva and posted outside the BITlab in the lobby of the STEM building.

Vinyl Screen Printing — Students in drawing class made drawings about social issues in sharpie that were then digitized and cut out of vinyl. These stencils were applied to silk screens and then printed in a poster series.

Creativity and Making – Maker Monday

I loved this blog post and in particular the quote below:

Creativity is an end in itself. It more than just a commodity that you trade or a skillset that you use. It’s part of what makes life epic. There’s something almost magical that happens when you get lost in your creative work and get lost in a state of creative flow only to step back at the end with the sense of accomplishment at what you created. Creativity is valuable, not just for a future job, but for the deeply human drive to make and build and tinker. It’s part of what makes us human.