Our favorite movie creation app is iMovie on an iPad. We also regularly use Adobe Spark at both the Lower and Middle School. Please refer to the Digital Storytelling page. Also, some of our best movies have been made over the years in PowerPoint – setup your timings – have slides with words on them – interspersed with images – add dramatic music and then go to File – Export – Create a Video.

Padcaster with an iPad Mini 4 ​


  • Students can make an advertisement for your culmination that is sent out the week before.
  • Students can easily work in groups on a movie project. You probably don’t want your groups bigger than four students as it gets difficult in the editing stage.
  • Plan first, storyboard, and gather all materials before you start filming.
  • Movies can be made mostly by teachers with students doing a lot of the planning and acting at the lower levels. For elementary students make the movie in chunks with mini-lessons interspersed.
  • There are a variety of movie making applications – try different ones and don’t forget that PowerPoint can be great for movies.
  • Try to keep movies to 3 minutes or less. If the movie is longer consider making it available for parents and students to watch online AFTER culmination instead of watching it during culmination.
  • If you are showing a lot of movies on different devices, make sure that you have enough headphones or ask participants to bring their own earbuds. A good work around is not to have music or sound in your movie.
  • Movies are also a great way to have students explain what they have learned and post online for viewing after the culmination.