Autodraw Sketch

Autodraw allows you to start doodling and then it will make suggestions of clip art based on your doodle. This is a nice way to create logos.

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Removing Barriers and Creating Pathways



I often explain to people what I do as helping teachers and students use technology. Interestingly, when I talk to teachers or other people at my school I also usually include something along the lines of… “if you can’t figure it out in 5 minutes email me and stop. I’ll come and we’ll figure it out together.” I see my role as removing barriers. That my job as an integrator is about helping, making things easier, and providing time. Time that allows teachers to do, time that they can think, time that they can process. I love also the idea in this post Red Tape by George Couros of creating pathways. That is what I hope I do by removing barriers.

Creative Work is Like Working Out

I really like this video both to show to teachers and to middle school students. I feel like it helps to debunk so many of the myths surrounding creativity. For more wonderfulness on creativity and life check out Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Gami-Bot – Easy to make robot


One of our favorite maker activities – we’ve done this with both adults and middle school students. Easy to make with simple materials! Originally found on 


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How We Make the Shift as Teachers and Leaders from AJ Juliani

I loved this post What happens when students embrace design thinking? I especially found the below paragraph and chart incredibly helpful:

Design thinking helps lays the groundwork for making this shift. When we shift from preparing students for what’s next, to helping them prepare for anything, a world of possibilities open up in their learning.

How We Make the Shift as Teachers and Leaders

Engaged Environments Empowered Environments
Attentive and committed to our curriculum Attentive and committed to their interestes
“preparing for jobs” “preparing themselves for anything”
Teachers working to “making it interesting” Teachers working on “tapping into their interests”
You must learn _____ What do you want to learn?
Giving choice Inspired possibilities
Following the beaten path Making your own path
Taking an assessment Assessing your own learning
Consuming Creating
Differentiated instruction Personalized learning

Innovative Academy Interview with Bo Adams

Loved the video interview above with Bo Adams. So many things he said struck a cord with me and what I want to do as we move forward.

“Questions are the waypoint on the path to wisdom.”
from Grant Lichtman’s book The Falconer

Claiming a space and a time for R&D around innovation in PreK-12.

“We are really looking for behaviors that lay at the heart of innovation and creativity.”
Behaviors from the Innovator’s DNA – Observe, Question, Experiment, Network, and Associate

Making and creating for a purpose. This allows agency – a feeling of “yes, I can make my ideas a reality and they matter.

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