Connecting Making, Designing and Composing

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The Connecting, Making, Designing and Composing article talks about how we teach design thinking and making through the context of what we know about teaching writing. In particular, I found it important to think about design thinking as being integrated within the content, much like we’ve done with instructional technology.

As we move to a focus on design and making in education, we should consider how design or making is woven throughout the disciplines and consider how making and design emerge from disciplinary problems. We could learn a lot from the years of research in writing across the disciplines that could inform more thoughtful infusion of design thinking and making across our curriculum.

I loved this quote below about making and how it emerges:

As maker spaces take their place in schools, perhaps we should turn to artists, poets, engineers, scientists, and so on and ask them to describe what it means to make in their communities. We might turn a critical eye to the ways in which making emerges from communities instead of thinking that we bring making to their communities of practice.

And in particular loved the summary here in the last paragraph:

Like many of you, I will continue to be a champion for doing, making, tinkering, and composing ideas and artifacts. At the end of the day, design and making could be exactly the trojan horse we need to infuse constructivist pedagogies in teaching and learning. An affordance of a maker space is also its potential for breaking down disciplinary silos: a maker space can bring together a variety of disciplines and make explicit the kinds of problems various disciplines can solve, and more importantly, highlight the interdisciplinary approaches to meaning making and problem solving. As we take this step toward design and making in schools, my hope is that we keep an eye on the messy, recursive, and disciplinary ways we make and design.

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Thinking about design thinking and making through the context of teaching writing

Encouraging Creativity in Schools

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I very much enjoyed this article and the great strategies from Wendy Ostroff, author of Cultivating Curiosity in K-12 Classrooms, to encourage older students to be creative! I especially loved that the article described her as “a student of imagination and curiosity.” What a great way to be described.

How to Develop an Empathic Approach

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Great article from The Interactive Design Foundation with ideas on how to be an empathic observer, learning how to understand body language, gaining an empathic understanding of people, conducting an interview with empathy, and building empathy with analogies.

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