Math in Nature

I love math! I started working with some advanced math students last year and we incorporated some Math in Nature as part of our explorations.  Below are some links we found helpful.

General Resources

Maths Outdoors –

Hexaflexagon –

Honeycomb Conjecture

Honeybees Love Hexagons –

Hexagon Tiling –

Tessellation –

Honeycomb Conjecture –

The Golden Ratio

Golden Ratio –

Golden Rectangles All Around Activity –

Fibonacci Numbers

Fibonacci Number –

Doodling in Math – Notes and References:

The magic of Fibonacci numbers –


General Information and teaching ideas –

Fractal Foundation –

Nico’s Fractal Machine- Fractal Creator where you can stop and save an image of the fractal you made,0090,1,1,1,0,1

African Fractals –


By Nature’s Design

The Magic of Mathematics

Of Interest

How to Draw with Math


Why Is the World So Beautiful? – Frank Wilczek OnBeing Interview

“Today, with an exploration of beauty, the deep structure of reality, and deep truths in the human everyday, with Nobel physicist Frank Wilczek. His book A Beautiful Question is a long meditation on the question, “Does the world embody beautiful ideas?” This physicist has a poetic way of seeing and naming reality — even scientific truths and observations.”

Day 14 – Hot Springs National Park

July 15, 2017 Hot Springs National Park Artist-in-Residence

Beginning my drive back home today and I am so grateful to Hot Springs National Park and all the wonderful people there. It was an amazing experience. I learned so much about the park and nature. I also grew a lot as an artist. I had time to devote to painting and my process. Being an AIR was an amazing experience! Thank you, thank you.