Hot Springs National Park Artist-in-Residence Stefan Kaben

Stefan Kaben Images: Hot Springs National Park &emdash;
Stefan Kaben Images: Hot Springs National Park &emdash;

Stefan Kaben Images: Hot Springs National Park &emdash;
Stefan Kaben Images: Hot Springs National Park &emdash;

Getting ready for Hot Springs this summer and inspired by these beautiful photos by Hot Springs National Park Artist-in-Residence Stefan Kaben.

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Creative Work is Like Working Out

I really like this video both to show to teachers and to middle school students. I feel like it helps to debunk so many of the myths surrounding creativity. For more wonderfulness on creativity and life check out Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Illuminating the Beauty in Our Broken Places

“We value success, wholeness. Unlike this Japanese art form, we don’t yet have a way of looking for what was once broken and has been healed and illuminated. How lovely would it be to find that a cracked and illuminated cup can be even more beautiful than a whole cup. How wise to realize that the broken hearts, illuminated and made whole, can be even lovelier.

Give me someone who knows their own vulnerability and sees mine.
Give me someone whose cracked spaces are golden.
Give me someone who has helped do kintsugi to my cracked spaces.
Give me someone who is open to me doing kintsugi to their cracked heart.

So friends, wabi-sabi me.
Let me wabi-sabi you.

Let’s repair each other.
Let’s seek what’s cracked in each other.
Let’s heal our broken spaces.
Let’s fill what’s broken with gold.

May we emerge more beautiful, more whole, and luminous.

So, my love, come and see the beauty in my cracked spaces.
I see the beauty in yours.

You are not a heart that I will discard.
Do not discard me.
We can emerge from this healing golden, more beautiful.

May all that is cracked and broken be healed
be illuminated.”