Day 14 – Hot Springs National Park

July 15, 2017 Hot Springs National Park Artist-in-Residence

Beginning my drive back home today and I am so grateful to Hot Springs National Park and all the wonderful people there. It was an amazing experience. I learned so much about the park and nature. I also grew a lot as an artist. I had time to devote to painting and my process. Being an AIR was an amazing experience! Thank you, thank you.


Day 13 – Hot Springs National Park

July 14, 2017 Hot Springs National Park Artist-in-Residence

Last day at the park. Finished two more paintings. Got to Goat Rock for my last sunrise. Drove around and said good bye to all my favorite places. So grateful for this time here.

Last sunrise
My lovely cabin home
Creek Rocks painting
Gulpha Creek in the evening

Day 12 – Hot Springs National Park

July 13, 2017 Hot Springs National Park Artist-in-Residence

Early morning at Goat Rock. Then gave my gift of two paintings to the park! Next I was off to kayak on Lake Ouachita. Thank you so much Lissa – it was wonderful. More painting done in the studio also.

Early morning at Goat Rock
Two paintings gifted to the park
Our kayaks at Lake Ouachita
Lake Ouachita

Day 11 – Hot Springs National Park

July 12, 2017 Hot Springs National Park Artist-in-Residence

Lovely hike this morning to Balanced Rock on Sunset Trail. The light was amazing and I loved seeing all the cairns people had made along the trail. More painting and inking in the studio.

Cairns on Sunset Trail
Balanced Rock
Morning light on Sunset Trail

Day 7 – Hot Springs National Park

July 8, 2017 Hot Springs National Park Artist-in-Residence

Today I ran a watercolor workshop in The Ozark Bathhouse. It was great and we had a lot of families come by and paint. We played with my watercolor pencils, crayons, travel watercolor sets, and my water brush pens. It was great to share with everyone, hear their stories of the park, and paint together. I had hoped we could hike out and create but the weather didn’t cooperate. I also got some more inking done on some of the paintings.

Watercolor Workshop
Inking begins

Day 6 – Hot Springs National Park

July 7, 2017 Hot Springs National Park Artist-in-Residence

Wonderful time meeting with the geologists this morning as they were testing the springs. They were amazing and I found out so much about the hot springs and the mountains. I also walked around behind the bathhouses on The Grand Promenade and started to ink some of the trail paintings.

Hot spring by Fordyce Bathhouse
Hot Springs – Tufa Terrace
Testing the springs