Carlo Rovelli – All Reality is Interaction

I just love the Carlo Rovelli podcast from OnBeing – I have listened to it three times already! I especially love the idea below:

“And I think that we don’t understand the world as made by stones, by things. We understand a world made by kisses, or things like kisses, happenings. In other words, the elementary quantities or ingredients for describing the world are not things which remain through time. They are just limited in space and time. And I think which remain through time are processes that repeat themselves. A stone is just a common flickering of electrons and things and stuff, which remains together not even forever, of course, because it goes into powder for a long time, for a while. So, to better understand the world, I think we shouldn’t reduce it to things. We should reduce it to a happening, and the happenings are always between different systems, always relations. Or always like a kiss, which is something that happens between two persons.”

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Experiments with Truth

“Gandhi called his life “experiments with truth,” and experimenting in the complex field of forces that bear on our lives is how we learn more about our integrity. We learn experimentally that we thrive on some connections and wither with others, that we enhance our integrity by choosing relationships that give us life and violate it by assenting to those that do not.

Experimentation is risky. We rarely know in advance what will give us life and what will sap life away. But if we want to deepen our understanding of our own integrity, experiment we must – and then be willing to make choices as we view the experimental results.

‘All real living is meeting,’ said Martin Buber, and teaching is endless meeting. Staying open to new meetings, trying to distinguish those that have integrity from those that do not, is a tiring and sometimes frightening task. I am often tempted to protect my sense of self behind barricades of status or role, to withhold myself from colleagues or students or ideas and from the collisions we will surely have.

When I succumb to that temptation, my identity and integrity are diminished – and I lose the heart to teach.”

Revisiting one of my favorite books – Courage to Teach by Parker Palmer – and the above spoke to me.

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Sweetwater Wisdom

“When I ask a question of the Spirit, it seems there is always an answer, not a blast of a great trumpet, but the subtle display of a blackbird’s shiny wings, the scent of the clustering honeysuckle. Sweetwater Wisdom is the symbiosis of earth and sky.

“No matter how much we turn our faces from the earth, she is always with us. The sweetwater of the Spirit reaches to us from the earth herself. Our very bodies are composed of the same substances.
“Ignore her, and she still sings the morning in for us. Pour concrete over her, and she still sends shoots of green to crack the hardness of our nature. She sends a child new from her womb to touch our hearts with sweetness and love. Sometimes we are too busy to ask or see her response, to distracted to see the blackbird dancing in the tree.”

~Wendy Crockett from Sweetwater Wisdom: A Native American Spiritual Way