Why Undermanagement Persists: The 7 Management Myths

Almost everybody performs better with the guidance, direction, and support of a more experienced person.

… do what it takes to help employees succeed so those employees can deliver great service and earn more rewards for themselves.

“Most managers find that the most painful and damaging aspect of managing is when they must have very difficult conversations, sometimes even confrontations, with employees. They believe that being a highly engaged manager requires or causes these confrontations, whereas being a hands-off manager allows them to avoid these confrontations altogether.

The reality is that being hands-off in your management style makes these confrontations inevitable. When managers are highly engaged, these confrontations rarely occur, and when they do, they are not so painful as they might be otherwise.”

“Focusing on what you can’t control makes the most powerful person weak, whereas focusing intensely on what you can control—to the exclusion of what you cannot—will always make you stronger.”

“Since time is so limited, managers definitely don’t have time not to manage people! When managers avoid spending time up front in advance making sure things go right, things almost always go wrong. Small problems pile up and ultimately become big problems that require a ton of time and attention to correct. Those problems can be avoided altogether if managers are highly engaged from the start.”