Wild and Thoughtful Innovation

The Singapore American School R&D Journey – https://strategylab.nais.org/ik/media/images/documents/NAI574-2017_NAIS_AC_Singapore_r04.pdf

We understand that good schools are often the most difficult to change, with good often getting in the way of being truly great.

It was critical that faculty were leading this process across the system. By engaging faculty from the beginning, we had early champions and significant learning. Some of our lessons include:

1. Be unapologetic about who we are and what we will stand for

2. Hire for what we want to become

3. Invest in leadership development at all levels

4. Create an environment of healthy discourse

5. Engage our people at all levels in the discovery phase, not just the outcome

6. Create a culture of innovation in which it is safe to fail

7. Stay focused on the vision and the big goal

8. Push the organization’s limits to learn the capacity for change

9. Do it right and not just do it fast

10. Be willing to adapt along the way to new learning

11. Pace the timing in order to build capacity and focus on what is most important

12. Decide what has to go in order to make time for the change we have planned