Questions to consider when writing specific goals:

  • Why is this a goal?
  • What do I want to achieve?
  • When do I want to accomplish this goal?
  • Who needs to be included to complete this goal?
  • Where will I complete this goal? (Necessary only when a goal needs a mandated physical environment to be completed; i.e. I will run five miles on the track every day.)


Questions to consider when writing measurable goals:

  • What metrics will I use to track this goal?
  • Are there multiple ways to measure success for this goal?
  • What quantifiable change to the business am I hoping to achieve by accomplishing my goals?


Questions to consider when writing attainable goals:

  • Do I have the tools and/or resources I need to complete this goal?
  • Do I have the skill set to accomplish this goal?
  • Is this goal possible, and if so, what is my action plan?


Questions to consider when writing relevant goals:

  • Does the goal align with my overarching company objective?
  • Does this goal make sense with our business plan?
  • Will accomplishing this goal move my business forward?


Questions to consider when writing time-bound goals:

  • When will I complete the goal?
  • What target dates should I meet to complete the goal?
  • Should I set this goal now or in a later quarter?


if our goal is to increase the number of leads we generate. How can we turn this into a SMART goal?

  • Specific — The sales and marketing team will work together to generate 30 new leads through an email nurture campaign dedicated to our prospects in the healthcare industry.
  • Measurable — We will track the number of leads closed and email engagement to measure the success of our campaign.
  • Attainable — We have an email marketing program in place and a list of our prospects readily available.
  • Relevant — Our goal aligns with our company mission to provide better project management software to the healthcare industry.
  • Timely — We will roll this email campaign out over a 4-week period starting on July 28th. Emails will be sent on Tuesdays, and we will continue to track the success of our emails for a 6-week period.

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