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Project Ideas from BITlab year in review

Below from https://medium.com/the-art-of-the-school-makerspace/bitlab-year-in-review-91d45bd1cee9 Poster Bombing — One of the projects from my Making for Social Good class involved encouraging students to design posters about social justice and creating a strong visual presence on campus. Over 20 posters were designed using Canva and posted outside the BITlab in the lobby of the STEM building. Vinyl Screen Printing — Students in…

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Mrs. McDonoughue Poem

Mrs. McDonoughue I held out my story,A shy offeringWritten with blue crayon,On four pages of neatly folded notebook paper.My second-grade teacher, Mrs. McDonoughueWho I remember as a gray haired angelIn a red cardigan sweater,Smiled and said it was a lovely book.Lovely.She’d seen through the rudimentary sentencesAnd disregarded the misspellings.She skipped over the bent edges and…

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